Avon Park Mower Plex – Supplemental Rules


ALL Drivers, please read over the following rules. These will be handed out at registration. And are taking affect on Opening Night. They are what we have been using for the last 2 yrs, with just clarification on some. 

MowerPlex Supplemental Rules: 
1) Events will be held under the most current version of the USLMRA with the exception of those rules listed in these SUPPS. 2) The Race Director / Chief Steward may make or change ANY rule or lap count as deemed necessary for Safety or Event Completion. 
3) Medical Officer – a Medical person will be appointed for each event. Their function is to assess the medical fitness of a driver. If a driver comes off of their mower/kart, has a hard impact, or appears to have a medical condition, THEY WILL BE SEEN by the Medical Officer. Refusal to be seen IMMEDIATELY when asked will result in not being allowed to race for the remainder of the event. 
4) Alcohol Policy – NO Alcohol use during ANY event. No Driver can consume ANY Alcohol on Race Day prior to the event. 
5) Drug Policy – NO Driver shall race under the influence of ANY DRUG (Prescription or Illegal) that MAY cause impairment. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS WILL BE TOLERATED! 
7) Any Violations of either the Drug, Alcohol, or Fighting Policies WILL result in a SUSPENSION & a possible Lifetime Ban! 
8) No Drones or R/C Aircraft allowed at Any Time for Any Purpose. 9) ALL Safety Equipment will be worn at all times that the track is HOT! Minimum Safety Equipment will include: FULL-Face Helmet with Shield or Racing Goggles, Racing Suit or LONG Sleeve Shirt & Jeans, Leather Ankle Boots or High-top Racing shoes, Full-finger Gloves, & Racing Neck Collar. Chest Protectors are HIGHLY recommended for ALL Drivers. 
10) NO Crew / Family is allowed on the track WITHOUT APPROVAL of the Flagman. Violations will cause the Driver to be DQ’d. 
11) Pits – ONLY Mowers may be driven in the Pits, Karts must be pushed. 
12) Race Length – 10 Lap HEAT & 20 Lap Feature. Laps may be Shortened due to Mower/Kart count. 
13) Starts – ALL Starts/Restarts will be under the control of the Flagman (flagstand). Starts or Wave-offs will occur ANYWHERE in Turn 4. ANYONE who jumps the start (including the Leader) will go to the Rear or be DQ’d. Penalty MAY or MAY NOT be assessed on 1st jump by a Driver. 
14) NO BUMPING or ROUGH DRIVING will be tolerated! 
15) Passing / Lapping – it is the responsibility of the Over-taking Driver to make a SAFE PASS. The Driver being passed shall hold their line & NOT impede the Over-taking Driver. 
16) Only the Driver causing the Caution will go to the Rear on the Restart. If you spin-out another driver YOU are the cause, NOT the spinning driver. (judgment call by flagman) 
17) Raise your Hand for the following: Yellow or Red Flag, your Kart/Mower Broke, or Exiting the Track. This is to warn approaching drivers that you are going to be Slowing or Stopping, so that you don’t get run-over & cause a wreck. 
18) Blue Flag with Yellow Stripe – (Passing Flag) is shown to drivers to inform them that a Faster Driver is Approaching, hold your line. “You are about to be Lapped” 

*** Additional Rules

19) Failure to go through tech on the front stretch, for governed classes, after the feature event, results in immediate disqualification.
20) Once the engine is shut off prior to being teched is also an immediate disqualification.See less