Kart Rules for 2018-19

Avon Park Mower-Plex Kart Class Rules 2018
▪ Driver 16 years old at the beginning of the season.
▪ Must be sprint kart chassis only. NO CHAMP WINGED OR YARD KART.
▪ All Karts must pass safety tech and driver must wear all safety equipment
required of Avon Park Mower-Plex. (long pants, jacket, gloves, shoes that
cover ankles, full face helmet and neck brace)
▪ Open Weight.
▪ 35 chain only, no 219 chain allowed
▪ Open tire brands. May be slick or treads no larger than 13”
▪ Must have working kill switch.
▪ Karts must have numbers minimum of 5 inches on all four sides
▪ Unleaded pump gas only. No methanol or race fuel. Stay-bil additive is ok.
▪ Clutch must be a shoed clutch. No disc or torque converters or gears.
▪ Exhaust can not extend past rear bumper. May have open header or muffler.
▪ Aluminum flywheel is required if governor is removed.
▪ Engine: Must be Predator 6.5OHV 212cc. Engine must have aluminum
flywheel. Open internal engine modifications on PUMP FUEL. No alcohol,
methanol or nitro. Machining, porting, polishing allowed. Open header, open
carburetor. Billet covers ok. No billet heads. Must look like a predator. No
external machining or filling.
Track officials decisions are final.
These rules can not be contested.