Visiting Race Team Pollution Prevention Brief


The Avon Park MowerPlex property lease requires that Nasgrass implements specific pollution prevention best practices to minimize the risk of environmental impact from mower race and pit maintenance activities. Nasgrass has developed this visiting race team briefing to provide guidance to all visiting race team members.   

Best Practices Summary

  • All mower fueling must be completed inside an enclosed trailer or with a fuel spill catch pan or pad under the lawn mower. Depending on mower ground clearance, large plastic storage container lids can make good catch pans which can be drained into larger disposal containers.
  • While oil changes or maintenance that requires engine oil or transmission lube draining is rare, any such activities must be completed inside an enclosed trailer with the drained oil being stored within a sealed haul off container inside an enclosed trailer or pickup bed  
  • Mowers with catastrophic engine or transmission failure should not be moved until the leaking engine/transmission oil can be stopped/collected
  • All fuel and oil spills must be reported so a proper clean up can be overseen
  • All petroleum base fluid leaks (gear lube, engine oil, fuel) spills will be cleaned up utilizing absorbent materials and or the scooping up of contaminated dirt
  • All petroleum contaminated spill clean-up materials will be disposed of in orange five gallon lidded pails located in the pit area and near the track racer entrance. Clean up tools (shovels and absorbent materials will be located near the orange spill clean-up pails
  • General housekeeping of the site is a key indicator of the site pollution prevention plan effectiveness and easily spotted by spectators and Avon Park city representatives, for this reason Nasgrass politely asks all race teams to police their own pit areas both during racing activities and prior to leaving the track for the day. Trash receptacles will be strategically located throughout the pit and grand stand areas. The central site trash accumulation point is a large metal trash bin located just outside the main pit gate, please feel free to drop your trash on your way out of the pits
  • Trash volumes can be substantial at National events, if you are staying in local hotels and have the means to haul your trash back to the hotel dumpster it would greatly help to reduce the overall weekend trash volume 

The Nasgrass members thank you for visiting and helping maintain our Avon Park MowerPlex!